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Targoviste - between myth and reality


Centuries ago, Vlad Tepes, a Romanian prince, became well known in Europe because of his bloody habit, impaling. For this reason, people called him Vlad the Impaler. One of the favourite cities to express this bloody wish, was Targoviste. That’s why, Vlad the Impaler has been associated with Dracula, and Targoviste as one of Dracula’s house.
How does it look Targoviste nowadays?

A very quiet town, the only army that makes noise is for the celebration of the town.

Αιώνες πριν, γράφουν οι Ρουμάνοι συνεργάτες μας, ένας αιμοσταγής ηγεμόνας της Βλαχίας, ο Βλαντ Τέπες, ήταν διαβόητος στην Ευρώπη για τη συνήθειά του να ανασκολοπίζει τους εχθρούς του. Ένα από τα κάστρα του, το κάστρο του Δράκουλα βρίσκεται στην πόλη μας, Ταργκοβίστε, σήμερα μια ήσυχη επαρχιακή πόλη. Ο μόνος στρατός που παρελαύνει είναι οι κάτοικοι κατά τις τοπικές γιορτές.
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© video made by Romanian students Click here to see Elefsina today and its mythological background. NOTE: Demeter, the ancient goddess of earth, had a special connection to our town. "Demeter" is the name of the ship with which Dracula travelled from Romania to England, in a most thrilling story within a story! Πατήστε εδώ για πληροφορίες για τη μυθολογική Ελευσίνα και την πόλη σήμερα. ΣΗΜ.: Στο βιβλίο, ο Δράκουλας ταξιδεύει από τη Ρουμανία στην Αγγλία με καράβι που ονομάζεται ΔΗΜΗΤΡΑ! Πρόκειται για τη θεά των Ελευσινίων μυστηρίων που δίδαξε την καλλιέργεια του σίτου και έδωσε ελπίδα για τη μεταθανάτια ζωή στους θνητούς!

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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Dracula's Diary

Vaggelis Fotiadis, 18, took up our Romanian colleague’s suggestion and wrote a few pages from Dracula's diary. No dates -the Count is Timeless- no gruesome details -he remains a nobleman, despite being a villain. Click on the picture to see the diary in Greek. This is the Library translation:

Σελίδες από το ημερολόγιο του Δράκουλα, από το Βαγγέλη Φωτιάδη. Πατήστε στην εικόνα για το κείμενο στα ελληνικά.

"My name is Vlad Tepes and this is my story. I have been blessed or cursed, with what humans call immortality. Why mortals wish for it is beyond my comprehension. I cannot deny it is a privelege to be able to watch the beginning and the end of others. But what would these vain people say if they experienced TIME as I do? Their poor minds simply cannot conceive the notion of this “gift”.
Once, when I too was wrapped in my mortal coil I could not forsee what was in store for me. I can still see my beloved materializing from specks of dust in the moonlight only to vanish as I reach for her. I too have loved. I was happy by human measures. Now the loneliness is insufferable. It is the price to pay for eternal existence.
On the ship
Is there anyone out there able enough to understand a creature like myself? Can I hope for some feeling of sympathy for my plight except the loathing I am doomed to arise in others? I have crossed the river of Time with success by nowhere have I found happiness. Nothing can relieve my entrapped soul except precious blood that allows me to linger on until my next meal. People hate me for it.
In London
Yes, I must suffer the hatred of my inferiors, I, Vlad Tepes, a knignt of the order of Dracul! But would my enemies destroy an animal simply for hunting down and killing its prey, as it is in its nature to do? People like Van Helsing and his ridiculous lot make me angry. No! Furious is the word.
Back at my homeland
I have been the cause of utmost misery to other humans. But I only give what was offered to me. Many are the moments I have pondered on my own existence. Am I still here as a mere whim of Fortune?
Sometimes I wish someone would release me from my undeathness. Only then could I find peace."


mihaela said...

In this history Dracula remainds us that the price paid for the ethernal life,is the loneliness. He wants to have someone to understand a "creature like myself"
...I think that because today we have on faceses persons not accepted by society.

elefsina said...

Although Stoker is clear about good and evil in his book, the audiences have been able to read "Between the lines" ;) , Michaela, and discover new interpretations. But what do you young people believe about society's limits and boundaries? Are they really a bad thing? In which cases? You know, that is a theme of our next book, The picture of Dorian Grey?

phoenix said...

In my opinion dracula in this story gives us the impression missunderstood from all. Its a reality that nowadays society sometimes not all offcourse when she sees something different she is afraid of it and....its very bad in my opinion. Through this story i tried to give from my side of view the Lord D as a creature not exactly corrupted by his power but lonely.